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Diana Darby Facebook site of my favourite singer-songwriter ever, the criminally under-exposed  and phenomenally, almost obscenely talented and insightful Diana Darby.

Lincoln Flickers Subbuteo Club  Site covering my other major interest, albeit nowhere near as all-consuming as my passion for Australian football, hence the cheap and cheerful look of the website.

English Petanque Association Petanque is the only sport at which I've ever excelled, probably because it's more than 90% mental and less than 10% physical.

LastFM  My favourite music site. Excellent for finding recommendations from people with similar tastes to you. It's free, too.

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Footy Flashbacks on Facebook  A link to our page on Facebook where you're welcome to post comments.

Australian Football  Celebrating the history of the Great Australian Game, and containing a plethora of material from my former website Full Points Footy, plus much more. A veritable feast for the eyes and mind.

Hard Ball Get The brainchild of Dave Eastman, this is a labour of love which explores the forgotten, neglected and sometimes "politically incorrect" (from an AFL perspective) niches of the game's history. The sort of site in which you can easily lose yourself for hours - HIGHLY recommended!

Full Points Footy  My original site went the way of the dodo several years ago now but the National Library Archive uploaded the site in its entirety in 2008 meaning that you can still access much of the content.

NEAFL  The site of the North East Australian Football League which comprises clubs from the ACT, New South Wales, Queensland and the Northern Territory.

SANFL The South Australian National Football League's official site.

TSFL  The website of Tasmania's premier football competition, the Tasmanian State Football League.

WAFL  The official site of the Western Australian Football League.

Footystats  In my opinion, the most detailed and authoritative football site to deal principally with statistics of the V/AFL, both current and historical. Other competitions are also alluded to from time to time.

Full Points Publications Contains information about all of my books, both printed and in electronic format.

NSW Football History Society  A veritable treasure trove of historical information about the game in New South Wales.