Explore the History of australian football

In a general sense, Footy Flashbacks is based on the same philosophy and ideals as Full Points Footy. However, it is also somewhat more ambitious, as it aims to examine and describe the evolution and development of Australian history in the context of a world undergoing rapid and significant changes owing to technological advances, major military conflicts, the growth of secularism and so forth. Feedback is welcomed, as are contributions to the site. I can be contacted either by means of the online contact formor by sending an email to john.devaney@fullpoints.plus.com.

My original website, Full Points Footy, ran between January 2001 and December 2011.  The subject matter of the site was the history of Australian football, and as the name implied, it aimed to do this as broadly and comprehensively as possible.  There were biographies of coaches and players from every major state competition for instance, not just the V/AFL. Coverage of clubs was even more exhaustive, as the site contained profiles of virtually every senior grade club in Australia which was in existence at the time of publication.There were also sizeable portions of the website devoted to interstate football, records and statistics, memorable matches, the game's chronology from 1858 on, and numerous articles by football enthusuasts and historians from all across Australia. Allied to the website, from 2008 onwards a series of nine books was published. Only three of these are still in print  and you can find out more about each of them by clicking on the cover photos below. The most recent title, The Footy Flashbacks A-Z of Australian Football Clubs Volume One, is a 740 page no frills, no photos, facts only overview of the histories of 1,030 clubs (Aberfeldie to North Heidelberg), shortly to be supplemented by two more volumes.