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Formation of Northern Territory Football League (NTFL). First premiership won by Wanderers after 1.10 (16) to 1.3 (9) grand final defeat of Waratahs. VFL contested by 6 clubs. Grand final results - VFL: Collingwood 9.20 (74) d. Fitzroy 5.9 (39); WAFL: South Fremantle 6.5 (41) d. East Fremantle 3.8 (26); NSWAFL: Paddington 12.20 (92) d. East Sydney 3.10 (28).

One of the strangest football matches ever took place on the Western Front in France in 1917. A team of AIF NCOs took on and defeated a team of officers 6.0 (36) to 2.2 (14). The playing field was a snow covered patch of ground within range of the German guns. The officers wore cardigans and the NCOs wore sheepskin jerkins. The centre of the playing area was littered with shell holes and there were two unexploded 5.9 shells at the bottom. At one end of the field there was a mound of earth which marked the graves of dead soldiers.

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