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SAFL, VFA, TFL, QFL, NTFA and NWFU competitions in recess owing to World War One. VFL premiership contested by just four clubs.  North Fremantle withdraw from WAFL. Grand final results - VFL: Fitzroy 12.13 (85) d. Carlton 8.8 (56); WAFL: South Fremantle 7.12 (54) d. East Fremantle 5.5 (35); NSWAFL: Paddington 3.14 (32) d. Balmain 1.8 (14).


Perhaps more than any other leading club, Collingwood has a tradition of producing full forwards of the highest quality - a tradition which originated almost a century ago with a lightweight place kicking genius whose exploits arguably did more than those of any one else to transform full forward into the glamorous, distinctive position it remains to this day. One of the first of the game's truly great full forwards, WALTER 'DICK' LEE'S VFL career spanned 230 games over 17 seasons and spawned 707 goals.  The last of those 707 goals came with Lee's final kick in League football, in Collingwood's losing 1922 challenge final against Fitzroy.  Small (175cm) and lightweight (70kg) by the standards of modern full forwards Lee was nevertheless a commanding figure on the ground, and he was one of the most spectacular aerialists of his day. Lee's performances in 1916 were a standout feature of Collingwood's season. He topped the league goal kicking list with 48 goals, the sixth time he achieved the distinction, and he would do so on another three occasions.

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