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Second interstate championships held in Adelaide and won by South Australia. Payment to players approved by VFL. East Fremantle 14.12 (96) defeat West Perth 7.3 (45) to win fourth WAFL flag in a row.  Midland Junction leave WAFL.  VFL and VFA enter into permit agreement whereby players wishing to transfer between the two bodies must first obtain a clearance.  VFA reverts from 16 to 17 players per team. Grand final results - CoA: West Adelaide 8.9 (57) d. Essendon 7.12 (54); VFL: Essendon 5.11 (41) d. Collingwood 4.11 (35): West Adelaide 7.9 (51) d. Port Adelaide 6.10 (46); VFA: Essendon Association 4.10 (34) d. Brunswick 3.8; TFL: Cananore 9.6 (60) d. Lefroy 6.8 (44); NTFA: North Launceston6.13 (49) d. City 3.5 (23); NSWAFL: East Sydney 4.5 (29) d. Sydney 2.4 (16); QFL: South Brisbane 4.8 (32) d. Wynnum 3.12 (30); NWFU: Mersey 7.8 (50) d. Latrobe 1.9 (15). TSP: Cananore 16.18 (114) d. North Launceston 1.4 (10). WA State Premiership: Not contested.


In 1911 the VFL officially sanctioned a practice that had been going on surreptitiously for decades: the PAYMENT OF PLAYERS. The actual amount paid was a matter for negotiation between club and player, and players were perfectly at liberty to retain their amateur status if they so wished. Some indeed chose to do so. According to Follower in "The Age":

What the ultimate result may be remains to be seen, but it is at least gratifying to know that secretaries, treasurers and committeeman will no longer have to experience the degradation of cooking balance sheets in order to disguise the fact that they have been wilfully abrogating a rule of their own making and which they were pretending to observe.

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