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Formal establishment, in November, in Melbourne, of Australasian Football Council (AFC). Delegates at inaugural meeting represent Victoria, South Australia, Western Australia, New South Wales, Queensland, Tasmania, New Zealand, Northern Tasmania, Barrier Ranges (Broken Hill) and Goldfields (Western Australia).  Tom MacKenzie (North Adelaide) becomes first player to win Magarey Medal twice; his first win had been while with West Torrens.  Midland Junction admitted to WAFA.  Essendon Town become known as Essendon Association. Grand final results - VFL: Fitzroy 4.6 (30) d. Collingwood 2.5 (17); SAFA: North Adelaide 6.8 (44) d. Port Adelaide 1.6 (12); WAFA: West Perth 4.7 (31) d. East Fremantle 3.9 (27); VFA: Richmond 9.7 (61) d. North Melbourne 5.6 (36); NSWAFL: Sydney 7.9 (51); YMCA 7.8 (50); WA State Premiership: West Perth 8.10 (58) d. Kalgoorlie Railways 4.13 (37); NTFA: North Launceston 7.6 (48) d. Launceston 6.9 (45); QFL: City -.- (73) d. Valley -.- (22). Other premiers - STFA: North Hobart (on points).

Interstate matches between SOUTH AUSTRALIA and the VFL were suspended in 1904 owing to a disagreement over the allocation of gate money. The VFL could happily do without interstate football as club matches were considerably more popular, but the South Australian football loving public enjoyed seeing their heroes pitting their strength against the best from across the border, and interstate matches were very well attended - and financially lucrative - as a consequence. In 1904 South Australia played its first ever match against Western Australia, but in 1905, with the situation with the VFL still unresolved, it faced a dilemma, which was ultimately resolved when it was agreed to play home and away matches against the VFA.

Perhaps a little surprisingly, the two teams proved extremely evenly matched. South Australia won both encounters in 1905, but only by margins of 7 points in Melbourne and 3 points in Adelaide. For the next half a dozen seasons South Australia and the VFL remained at loggerheads and matches between the South Australians and the VFA continued. All told, the teams met one another on a total of thirteen occasions, with South Australia emerging victorious seven times and the VFA six.

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