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Western Australia play first ever interstate matches, beating South Australia 10.7 (67) to 8.10 (58) in Adelaide, but losing 8.11 (49) to 14.10 (94) against the VFL in Melbourne. WAFA premiership determined by play off system for first time.  Grand final results - VFL: Fitzroy 9.7 (61) d. Carlton 5.7 (37); SAFA:Norwood 9.8 (62) d. Port Adelaide 8.10 (58); WAFA: East Fremantle 12.11 (83) d. Perth 3.7 (25); NSWAFL: North Shore 5.13 (43) d. Balmain 2.8 (20); WA State Premiership: East Fremantle 12.15 (87) d. Kalgoorlie Railways 4.9 (33). Other premiers - VFA: Premiership awarded to North Melbourne after grand final opponents Richmond objected to VFA's choice of field umpire; STFA: Wellington (on points); NTFA: North Launceston (on points); QFL: Norths, Souths and Wests, which finished level on points, shared the premiership, known at the time as the Heindorff Cup.


NORTH FREMANTLE played host to the mighty East Fremantle in round four of the 1904 WAFA season. For the fist three quarters of the match proceedings panned out more or less as expected, and at "lemons" the scored showed Old Easts enjoying a 26 point advantage, 5.5 (35) to 0.9 (9). During the final term, however, the northerners raised their game, holding their opponents scoreless whilst adding 4 straight goals themselves. Spectators left the ground believing East Fremantle had held on to record a 2 point triumph, 5.5 (35) to 4.9 (33). However, what followed was either drama or high farce, depending on your perspective. During the following week, North Fremantle officials lodged a protest to the Association, claiming one of East Fremantle's goals had been wrongly awarded. Amazingly, the Controlling Body upheld the protest, and retrospectively awarded the match to North. Old Easts had the last laugh, however: in that season's grand final they trounced Perth by 58 points, 12.11 to 3.7 (25).

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